We are looking for the most universal athletes in the world and we also want this world championship to identify the most universal sport. 

You compare your skills and results with competitors from history, the future and even rivals in a face to face contest. At the start you can try just a one day MIX SPORT TEST (MST). 

Our championship has a lot of international fans including the stars of the world's best multi-event sports (decathlon-pentathlon-triathlon)...here we have a few greetings from the stars of the sports world... 


Interview with the participants and their comments...in Czech:(


Why to enter?

  • Decathlon, pentathlon, triathlon..all too little for you?
  • Do you miss the long-term motivation for sport and competition?
  • You have no time to organize but want to compete?
  • You will get experience and it will change into passion
  • You'll meet a lot of new universal athletes and experience new sports
  • Statistics, competitors and images of your performance will motivate you

Championship model