We will contact you before each event and explain what you need to bring and what will be available on site for you. 

The general principal is the following - all sports equipment related to clothing and shoes (indoor or outdoor) needs to be your own. Special equipment for sports where there are different sizes you also need to bring yourself (either you have it at home or you can rent it in advance)..e.g. rollerskates, ski equipment, swimming gear or athletic spikes. We provide equipment such as pole at the pole vault, discus, balls, skateboard, water skis, bike for cycling track and most other special sport related stuff. 

Don't ever assume you will have enough time to rent or borrow equipment on the spot during competition. There is no time and some sports require all competitors to compete at the same time (e.g. cycling timetrial) and therefore it is in fact impossible to borrow from others. 

It is recommended to wear sport clothes throughout the whole competition without having to change before the first sport or even between them. Just bring more sports shirts for each day.