Model & Rules

Model - competition events take place on Saturdays or during the weekends. All weekend events start at 5PM on Fridays and finish at about 5PM on Sundays. One day events MST (MIX SPORT TEST) are usually on Saturdays from 8.30AM till 9PM. Most competitors participate in the MIX SPORT TEST, after which some continue throughout 100+sports combat. The Top 16 advance to PLAY OFF round-robin system. The winners of the previous UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN annual championships or PLAY OFF weekends in history have automatic qualification guaranteed. Each participant is required to sign before the event a declaration of compliance with the rules, friendly sports like manners including acknowledgement of participation at your own risk. The organiser has the right to change the dates of the competition event and venues as necessary or required by the sporting facilities partners. 


Rules - each competitor is allowed to enter his/her best measurable sport/discipline results only during the officially listed events (or officially listed training). It is possible to keep improving your entered results in each sport for the period of a maximum of 10 years after which you need to re-enter your result in all 100+ sports again. Improving the performance of any competitor triggers the changes in the overall rankings and changes points of all the other competitors from all-time history. Categories of women, juniors and children have a special treatment and rules in some disciplines (e.g. shot put, discus throw, medicine ball etc.). UNIVERSAL SPORTSKID or UNIVERSAL SPORTSJUNIOR competitors are not allowed to carry out some sports at all (pole vault, cycling track, shooting trap etc.) Where relevant rules which are similar to golf handicap rules are used (either reduced weight or similar). 


Scope - 100+sports is the main event. Some competitors enter only 25-30 sports&disciplines of the MIX SPORT TEST and later each year enter more sports in one of the other weekend events (MARCH-APRIL-MAY-JUNE-JULY-SEPTEMBER) in order to record results for all the measurable sports,  generating good points and hopefully achieving the goal to qualify to the PLAY OFF competition designed for the top 16 competitors in SEPTEMBER. 


Starting fees - everybody must register for the competition on this web Each registration includes payment of the starting fee (or training fee) which is not refundable if the competition or training takes place without your participation for any reason. Any decision regarding each event depends on the organiser based on the minimum participation limit or in light of complying with an obligation with any partner sporting facility. Order of sports&disciplines is determined by the organiser according to the availability of sporting facilities. Organiser has a right to change the sports as necessary. The cost of food, drinks, accommodation, parking including any other sports unrelated expenses need to be paid by each competitor on top of any paid starting fee. You also need to cover the cost of any of your friends participating as a spectators in case there is any cost related to them (accommodation, parking, entry etc.). 


Point system and rankings - your best results for each measurable sport are entered into the all time database. A competitor with the best result in a single sport i.e. 1st place receives 1 point for that single sport. The same competitor in 10th position receives 10 points and 100th position is 100 points. The total rankings after all sports (100+ sports) is the sum of all points generated by each competitor and the best result is the lowest possible average (the perfect score all together would be 1.00 but that would mean you achieved 1st in all measurable sports of all competitors in the history of UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN and that would be, shall we say, a little unlikely). The end goal is to generate a minimum of points with therefore a very low average score according to which the ranking is determined. In 2023 the maximum number of points for each sport is 1000 points (this represents the worst possible result in one sport). If you do not enter any result for a sport then you automatically receive 1000 points. It is always better to enter a weak result than no result and hope you will be better than position 1000 and therefore lower than 1000 points. Each additional point in the overall standing hurts your total average. A competitor who did not manage to enter points for some of the sports of the actual championship season will have his/her points calculated together with the average number of points he/she managed to achieve when entering other sports in different championships seasons. The average points are calculated by sum of all the points generated by each competitor divided by a number of entered sports. There is over 150 sports entered during season 2023 but only 116 sports are considered as the official championship sports and are part of total final sum. In case competitor entered more than 50 sports/events then there are no 1000 points penalties included into his/her total sum. This allows to compare fairly all competitors provided they entered at least 50 sports. However, if a competitor enters less than 50 sports then each NOT entered sport is penalised by 1000 points added to total sum of this competitor sum and increases final average points accordingly. 

Validity of the results - results are valid for a maximum of 10 years and after that they need to be updated. Your age and year of birth determines in which year your results will be frozen for ever in the all time UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN database. Your frozen results,  which you are not allowed to improve any more, stay in the rankings next to your name in the age category when you managed to enter them. This means that in the next decade you will be competing not only again your competitors but also against your younger self. Each competitor represents himself/herself - his/her age category - his/her gender and you also represent the sport which influenced your life sporting skills and abilities the most. We all compete to be the winner in one over all category - UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN. Women compete also separately in the category - UNIVERSAL SPORTSWOMAN, juniors in UNIVERSAL SPORTSJUNIOR (11-20 years), children in - UNIVERSAL SPORTSKID (6-10 years).