Proper diet

Eating is an important part of our one day or weekend competitions. 

During a one day (usually Saturday) MIX SPORT TEST, which starts at 8.30AM it is recommended to have breakfast around 7AM and leave out any heavy and slow to digest food. A heavy breakfast can hurt your performance in the morning gymnastic events. We recommend an energy nutritious diet (mueli, fruit, lots of water and fewer eggs or meat). Milk is also not ideal. 

There are never special breaks for a meal during the competition day therefore it is necessary to manage to eat whilst moving from sport facility to sport facility. The appropriate time will always be found...don't worry. You need to bring everything with you from home because there is no time to go to a restaurant or shops (usually there are only a few minutes for stopping at a petrol station on the way). Any longer breaks would spoil the timing of the day and most importantly also the performance of the competitors. 

The main thing is to drink, drink and drink...also take energy bars, fruit and maybe a sandwich. We often manage to have dinner together in the evening after the competition but don't forget again a healthy and light breakfast the next morning during a weekend event.