Terms & Conditions

valid as of February 1, 2015 and amended as of January 1, 2021 ("GTC")

Radomil Štumpa - UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN, Vostrovská 1, Prague 6, 16000, ID: 66223041 and tel. + 420 602 621862, www.universalsportsman. cz, 100boj@universalsportsman.cz

I. Basic Provisions

These GTC govern the relationship between the parties to the contract, on the one side, Radomil Štumpa (UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN), ID 66223041, registered office Vostrovská 1, Prague 6, 16000 as vendor and service provider (hereinafter referred to as "US") and on the other side, competitors, potential participants in training or competition and also buyers of UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN souvenirs (hereinafter collectively "Competitor" or "Competitors"). A Competitor agrees to become familiar with these terms and conditions before he orders services or products (collectively, the "Service" or "Services"). When ordering the Service it shall be deemed that the Competitors understand these GTC and agree with them.

II. Privacy

Competitors voluntarily provide their personal details (name, year of birth and sport, which they represent). For goods delivery the Competitors also provide their address if they purchase T-shirts or other US souvenirs and agree with their processing, storage and records in order to conclude an agreement with US and inclusion on the list of the competitors in the US championship. US will not share any sensitive data with any other third party except for goods carriers, web developers and during the announcement of the results of all competitors and the public to the extent necessary.

III. Price and payment conditions

Prices are listed on www.universalsportsman.cz to each individual event, training and goods without VAT. US reserves the right to change prices. Phone orders are accepted on +420602621862.The written order must contain the information necessary to deliver the goods. You can also order and pay on the internet on www.universalsportsman.cz, which provides a fast and convenient purchase method. Payment for US souvenirs can also be made in cash during a competition or on-line. The US souvenirs will be sent to your address when the purchase price is credited to our account. The average term for dispatching the goods is about 3 days, we reserve the right to change this term. If the goods are not available (not in stock) then we will inform you about the shipping terms as soon as possible.   

IV. Delivery terms

Goods are delivered directly to the Competitor during a competition or to the address indicated on the order.

V. Statement

The Competitor declares and acknowledges that he/she competes at their own risk. Parents or other guardians of children under 18 years are required to participate and decide during a competiton as to whether their children should take part in any given sport or discipline. Parents or other guardians accept that it is their responsibility and children are entered at their own risk. Each competitor is requested to sign (before the start of any championship event) a declaration of compliance with the rules, good sportsmanship and acknowledges again his/her participation at their own risk. By signing this you also entitle US to take a photo or video documentation of the competition and publish the results and footage of the Competitors on the web and social media.

VI. Entry fee

Entry fee is refunded only in the case the competition event is not held on the original date or on a new date agreed by both parties. In all other cases, the fee for participation in the championship or training is not refunded. US has the right to change the order and sports categories throughout the championship or any individual competition event as necessary. US has a right to decide whether event takes or does not take place regardless whether there is a minimum number of competitors in order to maintain good relations with fellow sports facilities.

VII. Complaint

Any complaints should be sent to UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN (address Vostrovská 1, Prague 6, 16000) or ideally to the email address 100boj@universalsportsman.cz .